Sea Salt chip'ins

Here is the chip'ins for Purists. The main ingredients: Corn, sea salt, and air. While we couldn’t park a farm right next to the ocean (though that would be pretty sweet), we were able to create the next best thing: Sea Salt chip'ins, the perfect, all natural triumvirate of taste, purity and crunch. Who needs potato chips when you can have chip'ins? Enjoy, and Munch Better.™


White Cheddar chip'ins

We just looked up the word “cheesy” in the dictionary, and we didn’t like the definition one bit. In our book, cheesy means glorious and delicious, and when it comes to the white cheddar on these insanely crispy chip'ins, cheesy means all sorts of right. Forget about traditional potato chips. Just bust open this bag, try some of the crunchiest, cheesiest, most delicious chips ever, and let’s redefine cheesy once and for all. Enjoy, and Munch Better™.


Hot Buffalo Wing chip'ins

Let’s cut to the chase. “Bring it on”, you said, and we listened. You wanted the heat, you got the heat. These crispy, crunchy, fiery, insanely delicious chips will rock your taste buds. In all good conscience, here’s a little heads up: this wingless Buffalo will bite back, but in a good way. Get rid of those greasy potato chips and start munching on some Hot Buffalo Wing chip'ins. Enjoy, and Munch Better.™


Jalapeno Ranch chip'ins

As ideas go, combining outgoing jalapeño with laid-back ranch is right up there with putting wheels on luggage; it’s something so simple, yet so brilliant, that it makes you wonder why no one thought of it before. If you like your chips on the crunchy, spicy and smooth side, these babies will take care of your needs. So throw out those boring potato chips and open up a bag of Jalapeno Ranch chip'ins today. Enjoy, and Munch Better.™