About Us

Thanks for your interest in Popcorn Indiana! With the word “Indiana” in our name, it’s easy to assume we got our start in “small town” Indiana. The real story is a bit more complicated, though. To this day, we do source corn from Indiana, but the truth is, we call other parts of the Midwest home. Here’s the story of how a company in Ohio came to own a brand called Popcorn Indiana.  

Popcorn Indiana was started by a team of folks out of the Northeast, and named after the small town of Popcorn, Indiana. These ready-to-eat popcorn pioneers created Popcorn Indiana to embody the small midwestern spirit of its namesake. Over the years, Popcorn Indiana grew and expanded (Granola Popcorn Clusters or Chipins, anyone?).

In 2017, Eagle Foods, out of Cleveland, OH, became the proud owner of Popcorn Indiana (this is where we enter the story!). Although we’re not the original owners of the brand, we are a group of midwestern popcorn lovers who take pride in making delicious popcorn. With quality and consistency top of mind, we moved from 3 (co-manufactured) popcorn facilities into 1 single facility owned and operated by us, and located in the Midwest (specifically, Waukegan, IL).

In 2020, we shined a spotlight on the real ingredients that make our products taste real delicious - like real butter and Wisconsin aged white cheddar! We rolled out a bold, new packaging design meant to modernize Popcorn Indiana. But we realized we strayed too far from the nostalgic look people know and love, and in doing so, lost the simple, small town, Midwestern spirit that’s core to Popcorn Indiana.

So we dug deep, and we rediscovered the heart of our brand. We found it lies not just in Indiana, but in middle America - the heartland. It’s where corn stalks grow tall, and we make fresh, delicious popcorn daily. It’s where our team of popcorn lovers call home. We might not be Indiana-exclusive, as our name implies, but we are from the heartland. And that is our story for now. We’re Popcorn Indiana - delicious popcorn fresh from the heartland.



Where can I buy Popcorn Indiana?

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Is Popcorn Indiana Gluten Free?

Yes. Our corn and other corn varieties are naturally free of gluten. Gluten is a protein typically found in barley, wheat, rye, and by-products such as flour and MSG. All of our popcorn is Gluten Free.

Is Popcorn Indiana Vegan?

Popcorn Indiana products are not Vegan.

Is Popcorn Indiana Kosher?

Yes. All Popcorn Indiana products are certified Kosher KOK-Dairy.

Is Popcorn Indiana Non-GMO?

Some Popcorn Indiana products are non-GMO. Those that are feature a non-GMO project verified icon on the bag.

Where can I find nutritional and ingredient information?

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I’m a retailer. How do I carry Popcorn Indiana popcorn?

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